Best Campgrounds in Maine

Life has become much easier in many aspects today. We have witnessed development is many verticals. But at the same time, no one can deny the fact that we have stepped far away from nature. There was a time when life used to be one with nature. But that is not the case. Our hectic lives and technology have drifted us and nature apart from each other. There are some ways we can actually take a step closer to nature. One of them is camping. In this article, we will see the best campgrounds in Maine.

Seawall Campground

Situated in the core of America’s one of the most established National Park, Acadia National Park, Seawall Campground is one of Maine’s most mainstream campgrounds. Frequently sold out, this campground is only a 10-minute stroll to Maine’s rough Atlantic coastline. The campground offers family-accommodating tent and RV destinations that can suit everything from a little tent to a 35 ft. RV. There are flush toilets, running water, and a dump station accessible. The Acadia Island Explorer transport gives free assistance between park highlights, Bar Harbor, and the campground making it simple to investigate the recreation center.

Blackwoods Campground

Found five miles south of beguiling Bar Harbor Blackwoods Campground is open all year for camping in Acadia National Park. Frequently full from mid-June to mid-October, it’s prescribed that you reserve a spot ahead of time. With many concealed camping areas, clean bathrooms, and close by climbing trails, there is an explanation that Blackwoods is one of the most mainstream campgrounds in Maine. The campground is crude so don’t anticipate any RV hookups, however, you’ll cherish nodding off to the hints of the Atlantic Ocean.

Wolfe’s Neck Campground

Freeport, home to L.L. Bean, is a quintessential Maine town with parcels to offer from shopping to nourishment. Found a short drive away from town, Wolfe’s Neck is home to more than 626 sections of land and three miles of shoreline. With three particular camping regions to browse, you’ll locate the ideal campground.

East Bay Campground

East Bay is inland is one of the best places for the two tents and RVs. The Middle Bay is forested and obscure and for tents, as it was. West Bay has trees and open fields and is ideal for little youngsters to go around and play. While there are no hookups, the two tents and RVs are welcome. Another area of locales called Quiet Cove is only for campers hoping to get away from the groups. These strolls in locales are sans vehicle and near nature. Each site incorporates a lounger.

Winslow City Park

Overseen by the town of Freeport, Winslow City Park is a family-accommodating campground on the shores of Casco Bay. The campground has 100 camping areas and numerous lush strolling ways with mind-boggling perspectives on the Harbor and Casco Bay. There are a lot of outdoor tables, flame broils, and a fun play area complete with a privateer dispatch for small kids. Throughout the late spring months, you can swim at the tidal seashore and appreciate a midyear show arrangement with nearby groups.

Sebago Lake State Park

Opened in 1938 as one of Maine’s unique state parks, Sebago Lake State Park keeps on being one of Maine’s most well-known state parks. Settled on Maine’s second-biggest lake, Sebago Lake State Park has 250 campgrounds accessible throughout the late spring months. Well known with families, the campground has climbing trails, angling gaps, swimming seashores, and a lot of chance for open-air fun.

Cobscook Bay State Park

Quoddy Head State Park (lighthouse)

Cobscook Bay State Park is one of the most one of a kind in Maine. We as of late referenced that it has one of the most emotional tidal ranges in the entirety of the state – averaging around 24 feet. But at the same time, it’s a staggering spot to camp in the event that you love investigating. The restricted opening to the ocean, alongside its jagged shoreline and barely any waterways and streams to nourish make it novel. The supplement rich Gulf of Maine water comes in, which invigorates microscopic fish development. This prompts a wide range of untamed life as land and ocean creatures. There are various zones assigned for camping, offering more than 100 genuine spots. A considerable lot of these are at the shoreline. The locales can oblige anything from little spring up tents to vehicles more than 35′. You’ll discover Adirondack shields too.

Hermit Island Campground

In case you’re searching for the ideal seaside camping spot, Hermit Island Campground may be it. While not an island precisely (it’s really associated with Phippsburg by means of a little street,) it feels like you’re somewhat unusual. On the off chance that you need to encounter it in the mid-year, you’ll most likely need to go for one year from now as it books up rapidly. During the season, sea see spaces cost about $60 for the end of the week, yet you can get yourself an “esteem” space for about $40. Fortunately, any space during the off-season is just $37.

Hemlock Grove Campground

Hemlock Grove Campground in Kennebunk offers “a northern Maine climate with southern Maine accommodation.” Large camping areas for everything from little tents to enormous RVs are encompassed by tall pines and calm isolation, yet almost four prominent seashores.

Casco Bay Campground

Situated on 626 sections of land of pastureland with more than four miles of Oceanside facing on Casco Bay, the Recompense Shore Campground is an incredible spot to find the best of Casco Bay. There are more than 130 oceanfront, timberland, and field campgrounds. On the off chance that camping isn’t for you, there are three natural camping houses too.